Air Conditioning

Miami summers are beautiful but hot, and a reliable cooling system is essential for safety and comfort. United Breeze addresses needs for repair and installation in both residential and commercial settings. In the case of a malfunctioning air conditioning unit in Miami, quick and efficient diagnostics are made so that the repair can be handled right away to restore cool temperatures. Service vehicles are stocked with important parts so that technicians can be as efficient as possible. Emergency needs are given a high priority.

Deciding on a new air conditioning unit in Miami can make a profound difference in home or business comfort and energy costs. It's important to have a properly sized unit based on facility needs, and a professional calculation of load will assist in narrowing down choices. United Breeze works with a variety of manufacturers, enabling its customers to select the most appropriate system for the setting. Some opt for air conditioners while others transition to heat pumps in order to streamline household comfort systems into a single unit. Many locals have discovered excellent savings by choosing ductless equipment and in-room units, eliminating duct-related energy loss issues. Experts from United Breeze are able to provide extensive information about the benefits of such systems.

Replacing an air conditioning unit in Miami can seem expensive, but with manufacturer rebates and incentives, costs can be kept down while home comfort can be improved. There are savings options available for high-efficiency equipment through federal tax credits as well. Utility rebates are also important considerations in deciding on a new system. United Breeze is pleased to provide knowledgeable assistance in making the most of current air conditioning unit rebates.


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