Air Conditioning

The interest in ductless air conditioning Miami options is rising because of many benefits achieved with ductless equipment. United Breeze is pleased to provide consultations to those interested in converting to ductless heating and cooling.

Understanding the effects of ducts on energy usage plays a major role in customers' decisions to renovate, and ductless installation is simple and quick for the certified professionals at United Breeze.

Ducts are responsible for nearly half of the energy use in a traditional heating and cooling system. Leaks or lack of insulation can cause heat exchange that leads to inefficient temperature control. The result can be extra work for the main heating and cooling units, causing higher bills and a shorter life for the equipment. Ductless air conditioning Miami systems can help eliminate such issues, leading to valuable savings.

Ductless systems include indoor units that connect to an outdoor heat pump. Each unit operates independently of other room components. This means that homeowners don't need to waste energy on areas that are unoccupied or that are used on a limited basis.

Conversion to ductless air conditioning in Miami is quick and simple. Most conversions can be completed in a day, and there are various types of room units to consider to keep room decor attractive and intact. United Breeze provides consultations as well as installations for those deciding to upgrade to ductless systems.