There are many factors that can affect indoor conditions, and United Breeze specializes in providing relevant air quality solutions to local customers. It's possible suffer pronounced effects of indoor pollution because a home or business facility is efficiently sealed.

While this is supposed to be a good thing for HVAC equipment efficiency, the reality is that tightly sealed facilities trap particles that can affect health. Another common problem locally is the issue of high levels of humidity that can lead to lots of mold. Air purification units in Miami can make a huge difference in the quality of the air breathed indoors.

Air purification units in Miami can be selected with varied levels of filtration efficiency. There are simple cabinet units that can be installed to intensify the level of air filtration provided by a traditional air filter. Electronic purifiers are also available, providing the ability to destroy trapped particles like bacteria, mold and viruses.

HVAC operation causes filtration through a traditional air filter while an electronic air purification system causes more frequent circulation and treatment of the indoor air.

United Breeze technicians are skilled in assessing indoor conditions and recommending appropriate solutions when indoor pollution is a problem. Pressure issues can be created if high-intensity filtration components are installed incorrectly, and United Breeze provides appropriate diagnostics and installation so that home comfort levels are augmented appropriately