Sewer &
Water Line

Sewer and water line-related problems are always of paramount concern to any home or business owner due to the potential disruption and expensive damage they can cause. Additionally, sewer back-ups also bring the very real possibility of serious health issues by potentially introducing viruses, bacteria and other contaminants into your immediate environment.

United Plumbing's professionals can help insure the stability and cleanliness of your sewer and water line with their expertly-trained staff, as well as quickly and effectively resolve any emergencies related to water overflow, contaminated water, and other potential catastrophes of this type. Whether your problem is categorized as “clean water”, “gray water” or even dreaded “black water” overflow, United Plumbing can contain and eliminate these types of issues before they become safety hazards and overwhelming financial burdens.

We offer 24-hour emergency service for those unforeseen and untimely water-related malfunctions, as well as regularly scheduled maintenance service that helps to prevent them from happening. Call United Plumbing today to schedule an appointment!