Become a Prestige Partner

Prestige Partnership is a fantastic opportunity for the Small Business Owner in the trades of HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Roofing, Renovations to benefit greatly from a strategic partnership under the flag of United Services.

Benefits to Prestige Partnership include:
➢ Access to High Volume Wholesale Pricing for products and material.
➢ Cooperative Statewide and Nationwide Advertising power.
➢ Ability to expand customer reach/Shared Technical Resources.
➢ Access to $100k Technician Work Order and Tracking System.
➢ An Instant Support and Corporate Office Administrative Services to include permitting, plan design, Human Resources, Training and Development.
➢ Ability to participate in multi-million dollar projects otherwise not available to smaller businesses.

Mission Statement

Our company began with a vision – a vision to lead the CONSTRUCTION AND RENOVATION SERVICE Industry with innovative ideas and dynamic management and Technical team to provide outstanding quality at a great price.

➢ Quality - use innovation, high quality material, highly skilled supervision and very detailed QC programs.
➢ Safety - Everything we do based on the premise that construction incidents are not inevitable and can be totally eliminated.
➢ Speed - Performance beyond expectations.
➢ Budget - Our innovative proprietary systems insure the lower cost possible.

Contact Information

United Breeze
Attn: Greidy Martinez, Administrative Services Director
2423 SW 147 Avenue Suite 215
Miami, Florida 33185

Phone: (305) 262-2530
Fax: (305) 262-2531

Prestige Partner Required Documentation

➢ W9 Documentation
➢ Workers Compensation or Exemption Documentation
➢ 3 Professional References

Sub Contractor Hire Package

Please, click on the link to download the prestige partner required documentation. Sub Contractor Hire Package

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