If you live and work in Southeast Florida, knowing where to service or buy replacement Air Conditioning
Units in Miami is important. This part of the country is hard on AC units. The combination of high heat
and soaring humidity puts a constant strain on your equipment.


That's where United Breeze comes in. The company has been providing AC service to businesses and residential customers for years. Miami is a very competitive market. A company can thrive or fail based on its level of commitment to customer service and the quality of its work. These are two areas that United Breeze concentrates on in its efforts to be the best contractor in the state.

We owe our success to the dedicated staff of well trained and fully certified technicians who take pleasure in doing a job right. What does that mean to our customers? It means, in simple terms, that if a repair is called for, we are in and out quickly.

We accurately diagnosis your problem, quote a price and take care of the issue without inconveniencing our customers needlessly. Our experts do it right and stand behind their work, so the chances of a callback are minimal.

Call United Breeze today. This is the beginning of our hot humid season It is the perfect time to check out your hard working air conditioning units in Miami and keep them running efficiently through the scorching heat ahead.