Up to 18 SEER ECM Motor

Enjoy the Advantages of Cutting-Edge Technology Featuring the Comfort Control2 System, Rheem High-Efficiency Air Handlers are expertly designed to maximize energy efficiency and  minimize energy costs while delivering reliable, quiet operation that makes being home even more comfortable.

Energy Savings The heart of an air handler is the blower motor. That’s why Rheem RHPN Air Handlers feature a high-efficiency,  variable-speed blower motor. When the unit is matched with a two-stage air conditioner or heat pump, it is able to run at a lower speed the majority of the time. This provides even temperature so there is no need to continuously adjust your thermostat, reducing your energy usage.

Humidity Control A new Rheem Air Handler will improve the comfort of your home by automatically adjusting the humidity level which improves air quality and lowers static electricity levels.

Efficient Heating & Cooling Rheem Air Handlers are designed to deliver maximum performance, well exceeding the standard efficiency requirements. And, they use the most common refrigerant on the market today. Rheem Air Handlers also come with a factory-installed indoor cooling coil to help heat and cool your home. The coil provides humidity control and better unit performance, resulting in fewer maintenance calls.

The Rewards of Rheem Proven Quality Quiet Operation With its high-efficiency, variable-speed blower motor, the Rheem High-Efficiency Air Handler is designed to slowly ramp up its speed to the most efficient performance levels allowing for much quieter operation. Our sturdy steel cabinet offers excellent thermal and sound insulation.

Versatile Design The 4-way convertible design of Rheem Air Handlers allows the unit to fit in with the design of your home. Plus, dip switches offer selectable, customized cooling to meet airflow requirements for a wide range of system sizes.

Optional Electric Heat When a heat pump is paired with the unit, Rheem Air Handlers can also provide efficient heating for your home. An optional electric heater kit can be added to keep you cozy all winter long.

Easy Service Rheem Air Handlers have been engineered to provide your technician easy access to all internal components, helping any service time stay short and simple.

  • Model RHPN
  • 18 SEER
  • High-Efficiency - ECM Motor
  • Standard "N" coil factory-installed

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